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Who's on    Thu, Feb 22, 2024       (as of 6:48am )    

Service    Name     Training  Contact  
Intern Short Float3:30p-8:30pMatthew SNELL PGY-1601-513-3875 
Intern Weekend8a-8p--     
Intern BACK UP6p-6aJared Bourke PGY-1301-848-9626 
Intern Holiday8a-8p--     
Short Float POD3p-8pMelissa SHAFER PGY-2360-286-1530 
Saturday POD8a-8p--     
Sunday POD8a-8p--     
POD Holiday8a-8p--     
WR Call Attending6p-6aAlyssa Soumoff Attendings301-801-6236     
WR Call Attending (BACK UP)6p-6aJustin Curley Attendings240-446-3815     
WR Invol Eval6p-6aForensics (Heller) Attendings  
Nightfloat8p-8aLoxley GODSHALL-BENNETT PGY-2781-708-2544 
PGY2 Backup8p-8aIan YEAGER PGY-2908-410-1104 
FBCH Resident3:30p-6aLandin SORENSON PGY-3801.907.0750     
FBCH Resident (BACK UP)3:30p-6aThomas O'LEARY PGY-47853303551 
FBCH Attending (Adult)6p-6aAnil Hinnaria Attendings571-594-1755 
FBCH Attending (CAPs)6p-6aEdward Baldwin Attendings703-863-9353      
Chief On Call6p-6aPrabhsimran BATRA PGY-3330-256-6104     

Contact if you have questions.   Schedule last updated Feb 3 13:32 2024.   2023 Anelise  May 9 23
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