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Amion for Single Groups

An Amion single license covers any provider/health professional group, or residency/fellowship programs that share a schedule that may include call, inpatient & outpatient services, clinics, etc.

Examples of provider/health professional groups who would each have an individual license include:

  • Cardiologists
  • Hospitalists
  • ER Shift Coverage
  • Nursing or PA group
  • Pathology Lab

An annual license subscription fee for a single group is $399/yr. An annual subscription for a provider/health professional group is based on the calendar year. A residency/fellowship annual subscription is based on the academic year. Single licenses are ordered and renewed by the customer directly at

Attending/Health Professional demo video

Resident/Fellow demo video

Amion for Enterprises

An Amion enterprise license covers a whole organization or hospital with multiple schedules, displaying a central Who's on list.

With your Amion enterprise license, you receive implementation guidance, VIP scheduler training and support, access to premium features such as department notes, extra-staff directory, advanced integrations, and customization with programming-interface data feeds from Amion.

The annual Amion enterprise license subscription fee is determined by the number of group schedules needed and bed count, if applicable. To learn more about the Amion enterprise license, or to receive a quote, please email [email protected]

Enterprise demo video

Amion's subscription terms


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