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AMiON for single groups

An AMiON license covers any group of doctors or specialists who share a schedule. A license for a single group is $349/yr ($399/yr from July 1).

Examples of groups who would each have an individual license include:

  • An attending group (e.g. cardiologists) whose schedule may include call, inpatient and outpatient services, clinics, etc.
  • A hospitalist group.
  • An ER that needs to schedule shift coverage.
  • A residency or fellowship program including rotations, clinics, shifts and call.
  • A nursing or PA group.
  • Any other "on-call" services such as chaplain, path lab, etc. where switchboard staff need contact numbers.

Our license agreement

AMiON for Enterprises

AMiON enterprise licenses cover a hospital or other facility with multiple schedules, add special enterprise-wide features to AMiON, and display all schedules in one central on-call list.

Enterprise Support provides full help-desk service and online training to schedulers. It is included with all new Enterprise accounts.

The number of groups in your account determines the annual fee. Simply multiply $349/yr ($399/yr from July 1) by the number of schedules you need. Additional schedules may be added at any time for the annual fee.

Contact aline@amion.com (1.888.898.0779 x. 1) to discuss your requirements or get a quote.

With your AMiON for Enterprise licenses you receive an implementation guidance, access to premium features such as department notes, extra-staff directories and access to customization and help with programming-interface data feeds from AMiON.


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