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Add Staff Photos

In the residency schedule platform, Amion can display staff photos on the daily “Who’s on” page when a specific team is selected and when sending a page.

Step 1: Obtain folder on hospital server to place photos

Obtain a folder on a hospital server where you will put all the resident pictures. Your IT department will need to set this up for you.

The folder must be accessible via the web and you'll need the URL for the folder.

As an initial test, put a single image file into the folder and try viewing the picture through a web browser. For example, if the address for the image folder is "http://www.myhospital.org/resident/staffpics" and the picture you put in the folder is called "pic_46.jpg", you would type the following into the Address or Location line on your browser:


Step 2: Populate the image folder with resident photos

Name the pictures according to resident's Amion IDs. You can get a list of residents and IDs by sending your browser to the following URL:


Replace the XXX with your staff login password for viewing schedules. The report comes back to you as text or Excel file, not as an HTML page the browser displays.

The browser will ask whether you want to open or save the data. Choose to Save, give it a name that ends in .txt, and then open it with Excel. If the browser gives you the option to open straightaway, do so with Excel.

If prompted, tell Excel that the file uses commas as a delimeter.

You'll get a spreadsheet of names in the first colunm and two columns of numbers. Use the second column of IDs for the photo filenames.

The web site returns data for the current year's schedule. If you need to specify a different schedule year, add "&Syr=NNNN" to the URL. Replace the "NNNN" with the desired 4-digit year.

For example, if a person's ID is 27, the picture should be called something like 27.gif or resident_27.jpg. The only thing that should change in the file name from one resident to another is the ID number.

Step 3: Tell Amion where to find the photos

Go to File / Preferences / Amion Options 2 and enter the URL to the pictures. Put a # symbol where the software should insert each person's ID number. Example:


The web site assumes pictures are 100x100 in size. If your pictures are different from 1:1, specify the size in the end of the URL, but maintain the aspect ratio. For example, if images are 300x200, you can tell Amion to make them 150x100 or 75x50. The first number is the horizontal size and the second is the vertical size. Example:

http://www.myhospital.org/resident/staffpics/pic_#.jpg 150 100

Step 4: Save your schedule to Amion

Log in to Amion.com to view your schedule online and go to the Who's on page.

Choose a team from the drop-down selector at the top. If everything is set up properly, you'll see photos below the list of who's on that team.


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