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Support Tech for Amion

We're looking for a friendly support tech to join our geographically diverse team. Do you have a friend or colleague who might enjoy helping people get the most from their Amion schedules? If so, send them our way!


  • Familiarity with resident and attending work schedules and, ideally, experience using Amion
  • Good computer skills and experience guiding others with new technology
  • Excellent writing and verbal communication skills
  • A patient listener, and friendly, unflappable telephone manner
  • Someone who enjoys problem-solving and helping others
  • Self-motivated and able to work independently from a home office
  • Lives on East Coast or able to provide support during ET work hours; our current support team is skewed to the west and we'd like more balance

The job involves answering calls, providing demos and training, troubleshooting, and guiding people on best practices for scheduling. Other responsibilities may include onsite training, writing help documents and helping with content for our website.

Interested? Email your resume and a note describing your interest in working with Amion to carol@amion.com.

Posted 2/9/2016. Please reply by 3/11/2016.


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