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Welcome to Amion. Amion lets you build, publish, and manage provider schedules for individual groups, whole hospitals, or entire hospital systems. It helps streamline communication among staff via pagers and cell phones. Say you’re seeing a patient and need a consult. Log into, find the service you need, and send a secure message to the on call doctor.
You can use Amion for any type of medical group, from individual practices to residency training programs. Providers can view schedules at, sync to their personal calendar systems, and use the Amion mobile app, developed in partnership with Doximity.

Whole hospitals can access a suite of enterprise-level switchboard features at no extra cost. Switchboard access displays extra contact info. You can also track recent text messages (there’s the page we sent earlier). You can even view messages going back weeks and months. Keep the daily list of assignments accurate around the clock with ‘switchboard signouts’. If the Anesthesia scheduler isn’t available, those with switchboard access can keep the schedule up to date. Anyone with access to your Amion schedules will find the correct person on call, and get their patients the care they need without delay.
As a provider, you can request days or even specific shifts that you’d like off, and at the same time, review requests that your coworkers have already made. You can attach notes to your requests. Once everyone has entered their requests, schedulers sit down with our powerful schedule building app, ‘OnCall’, to lay out assignments that honor people’s time off and satisfy all rules and patterns. The app shows you who’s available to work each day. You can click names in yourself, or use templates, patterns, or the auto scheduler to lay out the initial draft. Quickly run tallies by service, day of week, and over any date range. Once the schedule is published at, administrators can make quick changes from any web browser. Staff can also propose and accept shift swaps with coworkers online. If the coworker accepts, your schedule changes automatically, and your schedulers is kept up to date with an email.
Over 250,000 medical providers trust their schedules to Amion. At $399 a year (USD) for any single practice, Amion is a great value. Check out our free trial, and ask us for some advice. Request a full pilot account for a more complete evaluation. See for yourself how Amion makes scheduling a breeze!


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