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Additional parameters for Programming Interface

Add parameters Day=, Month= and Year= to set the start date for the report

Use Days= to tell Amion how many days you'd like. The following will give you 28 days starting on Sept. 4:


You can abbreviate Month= to Mo= and pass the month and year in that parameter. If you like to be concise, you can also use Dz=, as in:


You don't need to specify the year if you're pulling data from the current year.

Filter the report to return one or selected shifts

If the one service you want is named "Call", add "&Enote=Shift:Call" or "&Enote=Shift:Ca". The name matching will return any shift that begins with the filter string. You can filter for multiple shifts with "&Enote=Shift:Ca|Ba" to return all shifts that start with "Ca" or "Ba". Here's an example that would remove all shifts that don't begin with "Call":


If you want the number of hours each shift spans, add "Hours" to the Enote string:


Separate options in the Enote field with a '+'.

To get a list of extra pay shifts only, use Enote=xpayonly, as in:


Filter the report to return one or selected departments in an Enterprise

...ocs?Lo=[Password]&Rpt=619&&Enote=hours+Group:[staff login suffix]|[staff login suffix]


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