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Amion for mobile devices

Providers in schedules have three great options for viewing Amion schedules on mobile devices.

1. The Amion Mobile App App

Amion app + secure messaging setup guide

We developed the app in partnership with Doximity, a Silicon Valley start-up with a strong team of iOS developers. Doximity will support the app and handle registrations.

Doximity is a medical professional network with more than 24 percent of US physicians as members. With Doximity, physicians can quickly connect with any US physician to securely collaborate on patient treatment or identify the appropriate expert for patient referrals, find new career opportunities and expand their practice.

The Amion app is free, as is Doximity's core app which includes on-call lists drawn from Amion. We trust Doximity to work with our customers and hope you can extend the same courtesy to them. If you have any questions or qualms about what they're doing, please let us know.

When you first install the app, a Doximity registration is required. Part of the registration is a verification of who you are. This is to facilitate communication and keep messaging secure. If registering as a physician user, Doximity will use the NPI registry to verify you. You can run the app anonymously but you won't be able to utilize all the app features, like secure messaging.

If you've lost your Doximity password, recover it here: Forgot password.

2. The Web App App

Go to Amion via your mobile device's web browser and you'll get pages designed for the small screen. Log in to navigate the schedules much in the way you would from a desktop. You can create a home-screen icon for Amion that bypasses the login and takes you straight into the schedule:

  • Open your internet on your device and point it to
    where "XXX" represents your group's login password.

  • Click the forward icon beneath the page and choose Add to Home Screen. Give your icon a name and click Add.

  • Tap the new Amion icon on your iPhone to go directly to your group's schedule.

You can set up the shortcut to go straight to your personal calendar. Follow the steps above but add a + followed by your name as it appears in Amion at the end of the URL, as in:

Replace the XXX with your group's login password and YYY with all or part of your name. Test the URL in a web browser to figure out how much of the name you need to go straight to a personal calendar. If there's only one "Patel" in a schedule and he's entered as "Patel, Raj", for example, using "Lo=XXX+Patel" should go straight to the correct calendar. If no other name begins with "Pa", then "Lo=XXX+Pa" would suffice.

3. Calendar Subscriptions App

You can have assignments from Amion sync to your phone calendar.

Click here for step-by-step instructions.


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