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Add/Remove Staff

Start at the Work Preferences schedule view.

Adding Staff

  • Go to File / General Setup and click on the Staff tab.
  • Enter a name and click Add.
  • Assign the staff member to a staff type (if applicable).
  • Close the General Setup box.
  • Click the Work Preferences icon, third from the top left.
  • In the Infobox, select the name of the new staff member
  • Enter pager, telephone, email in the fields below; the email address allows the scheduler to send updates to the entire staff at once.
  • You can enter additional contact information by clicking the Pager, Tel, email... link. Enter contact info in the order preferred by the staff member (e.g. "call my cell phone first..."). This information is restricted to admin/switchboard staff, who can see it by mousing over the contact icons on the Who's on call list at Amion.com.
  • In the calendar, right click on the staff member's first day and select Hired on this day from the popup menu.

Removing Staff

In the provider's Work Preferences screen, right-click on their last day and select Quit on this day.

Keep the staff member's record for now in case you need it later. Automated scheduling tools like the Autoscheduler and Template tool will not schedule this provider after their quit date. Later, when you move to a new year, Amion will mark inactive staff names and ask if you want to delete them.

Pager directory

By default Amion will display staff names and contact information beneath the monthly schedule grid for staff that are working that month. Add the names and contact info for all staff to this directory, whether or not they are working, by opening the Work Preferences schedule view. Right click on the gray background and select the option to Include everyone in pager directory. Publish your schedule with this option selected, and all staff will appear beneath the online schedule.


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