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Set shift times

When building fair and accurate schedules with Amion you will need to set shift times. Shift times play into several aspects of the schedule:

The "who's on" list. At Amion, on-duty staff light up as active and turn grey when the shift is over. If you want switchboard staff to page the correct person, shift times must be accurate.

Personal calendars. The Amion app and personal calendars should show the correct start and end times if you want staff to show up on time!

Tally reports. For accurate tallies or reports via the Amion API, Amion needs accurate shift times. Amion calculates hours in 15-minute increments and uses custom clocks to provide exceptions on any day.

Set shift times in an Attending schedule

Click to highlight the shift name in the left of your schedule.

In the Infobox, use the arrows (or simply type) to change the start and end times. The defaults are 8:00am and 6:00pm. The times entered in the Infobox will be used by the tally reports to calculate the time span for the shift.

To have shift times appear in schedules online at Amion, go to File/Preferences/Shift scheduling. Select Show shift times.

Set shift times in a Resident schedule:

To set the times for call, click and highlight the name of the service on the left side of your call schedule.

In the Infobox, click on the clock icon at bottom right corner. Use the arrows to change the start and end times (6:00pm and 6:00am are the defaults).

You can designate a different length of call for weekends.

To set times for a shift, click to highlight service name on the left side of your shift schedule.

In the Infobox, use the arrows (or simply type) to change the start and end times (the defaults are 6pm and 6am).

Set custom shift times for a day:

You can set up custom times for attending and resident shift schedules. For example, shift A begins at 7:00am and ends at 5:00pm but on Saturdays, shift A ends at noon. Right-click on the assignment cell where you need to add a custom time and select Shift times.

In the pop-up window set the custom begin and end times.

If a person is entered into that shift, a clock icon appears in the assignment cell. Hold your cursor over the clock to view the custom times. Right-click on the clock for additional options to copy, repeat, or reset shift times.


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