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Scheduling Messaging Help Order

In your call schedule, right-click on the date cell at the top of the grid for the day the meeting is to occur. Select Add a meeting/note option. Type in the name of the meeting in the text box.

Click on the clock icon to set the start and end times of the meeting.

Set a meeting's recipients or attendees with the three blue-dot icons:

  • 9-dot blue icon = assign to all staff
  • 4-dot blue icon = assign to a select recipient list
  • blue star icon = assign a second recipient list

By default, new meetings apply to everyone.

The icons along the top of the meeting/note window let you customize the color in which a meeting appears, schedule another meeting for same day and more.

If you want a meeting to repeat, right-click on the meeting note symbol located in the top left corner of the date cell and select a repeat or copy option from the list.

At Amion, click on the presenter icon, to view your group's monthly meeting schedule. Meeting notes, will appear on personal calendars but only if the person is set to attend. Mouse over the note icon to view meeting details.


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