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End User Guide

View your Amion schedule from any computer or mobile device that has internet connection. Download the Amion app for Apple and Android mobile devices. Sync your personal schedule to your calendar.

  • WATCH End user video tutorial

  • Go to www.Amion.com and login with your group's assigned staff password. Along the top of the page, is a toolbar of icons. Navigate around your schedule using these icons. Place your cursor over the icons to learn what they do. Use the drop-down selector boxes along the top to filter for a specific staff or shift.

    For schedule questions, email the scheduler by clicking on the contact email link provided at bottom of schedule page.

      View who's on call by day for all department schedules. Click on pager or cell numbers to page. Click on a department link to view that department's monthly schedule
      View whoís on call by day for group schedule. Click on pager or cell numbers to page. Click a personís name to view his or her personal schedule
      View your staff list with contact numbers
      View your groupís schedule in monthly view (Attending schedules)
      View your annual block schedule (Resident schedules)
      View your monthly call schedule (Resident schedules)
      View your monthly shift schedule (Resident schedules)
      View your monthly clinic schedule (Resident schedules)
      View who is away on vacation, sick, CME, etc. (Attending schedules)
      View scheduled meetings and conferences
      View your personal schedule
      Submit work and vacation requests. (Requires personal password)
      Swap a shift with another person, advertise your shift to giveaway, or take an additional open shift. (Requires personal password)
      Page or text message an individual or group
      Navigate to previous or upcoming month schedules
      View schedule in table (grid) format
      View schedule in calendar format
      View schedule by date
      View schedule by staff
      View work tallies for a select periods of time
      Decrease or increase schedule font
      Home page of Amion


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