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Workload Targets

Workload Targets let you set monthly targets for hours or shifts.

Click the Window menu and choose Workload Targets. In the window that appears, set default targets by staff type. For individuals who have unique targets, click the work-preferences icon on the main toolbar . Enter a target number of shifts or hours in the Infobox.

Set up online requests so that staff can submit their day, shift, and hours requests online.

The Amion scheduler keeps one value per staff type or provider. If targets change each month, adjust them before you begin scheduling.

You may also create rules for targets by shift. Go to the Window menu and choose Rule Writer. In the upper-left of the Rule Writer box, open the top drop-down and choose "Target rule".

In the bottom selector, choose "Call / Shift". Select one or a subset of your shifts and then use the up blue arrow at the top to set the target number.

Click the gray + button and add another call/shift condition with a target for other shifts.

In the middle drop-down in the upper-left, you can give each target rule a custom name. Otherwise, they'll be "Target rule 1", "Target rule 2", etc.

When the rule is ready, click the => button and choose which people use the rule. There's no way to apply a rule to everyone as a rule in itself but you can click the red button in the upper left, the two columns of red horizontal lines, to select everyone. If you add people later, you'll need to return to the rule writer and apply the rule to them.


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