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Ads at Amion

Amion users may see small ads on schedule pages over the coming weeks. These ads will be from Concentrica, a medical software company who asked to advertise with us. They have developed a communication tool for physicians which Amion customers might find beneficial.

Why are we experimenting with ads?

We are committed to offering great scheduling tools at an affordable price. Amion customers get a lot of features for a modest price, especially when you factor in the cost per physician. An Amion license at $249 per year is the same as nearly a decade ago!

Today support for Amion is more complex. The popular online features such as calendar subscriptions, online requests and swaps bring a much higher support cost. More and more we find ourselves supporting not just schedulers, but all medical providers!

We've looked at ways to offset support costs without raising the base license fee. We've considered charging support per scheduler, adding a premium to large licenses or offering "full support" to individual accounts in line with what we offer Enterprises. But carrying on as now - offering what is effectively a lower price each year with free support for all - is not sustainable over the long term and ultimately not best for our customers.

Advertising revenue is one way we can offset some support costs. We've solidly rejected displaying google ads open to anyone. When Concentrica asked to advertise with us we decided to experiment with small ads from select companies only.

What will users see?

Any ads at Amion will be subtle and limited to some users. If an ad appears at Amion, we will have looked at the services the company provides, spoken with people who run the firm, and determined as best we can that they're reputable and potentially of interest to the physicians who visit Amion.

Again, not everyone will see the ads. No enterprise account will have them. And if enough people dislike the ads we may offer customers the option to sign up for full support and have the ads removed.


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