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New product from Amion

Amion is launching an all-new product called MySchoolDay. Designed for grades K-12, MySchoolDay helps plan, track and document special-education services.

MySchoolDay lets special educators find times to work with students and ensures providers spend the correct amount of time with each kid. It helps teachers quickly coordinate meetings with colleagues and families. MySchoolDay also improves communication between teachers and families through online progress notes and shared calendars.

Do you know a special educator who'd benefit from trading paper day planners for smart, online schedules? Do you know parents who'd like better ways to oversee their children's education? Are you a physician who needs to share information about medical care and educational approaches with schools? If so, please visit myschoolday.com and watch our brief introductory video. Or pass the web address along to a colleague or friend.

For 2011-2012 we are inviting schools, administrators and therapy providers to work with MySchoolDay for free!


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