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Residency Schedules

Put away the pencils, magnets... Help is a few clicks away!

Amion simplifies complex resident schedules. Lay out rotations, clinics, and on-call duties. You'll save time and end up with fair, error-free schedules.

Don't be left short-staffed! Amion delivers coverage for all services and clinics.

Amion helps with duty-hour compliance. Explore a sample residency schedule and learn about the Amion Mobile App!
Feature Highlights ...
Block Scheduling
Call scheduling
Shift Scheduling
Clinic Scheduling
Special Requests
Team Reports & tallies
Find Staffing Problems
Track Didactic Pairings
Go online at Amion.com
A few clicks send schedules to Amion.com where staff can:
Look up who's on call
Create personal calendars
Sync to mobile devices
Submit special requests
Update schedules any time
Notify staff of changes
The only choice ...
Amion is a comprehensive scheduling tool for residents. It links to residency-management suites. And it's only $349/yr. Try the Amion Desktop scheduler for FREE!

Sign up for our online training course covering residency scheduling, Wednesdays at 12 noon ET. Watch a pre-recorded training course.


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