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General Medicine: *Phone numbers for hospital personnel only. Cell phone icons denote cell phones not pagers (last 4 digits of phones are NOT pagers)
Red A Late Intern6:30a-6:30pSimon, Natalie Anesth 757-359-1993   
Red B Late Resident7:30a-6:30pCrorkin, Patrick PGY-2 929-452-1497   
Orange A Late Intern6:30a-6:30pYang, Meredith Neuro 929-452-1650   
Orange B Late Resident7:30a-6:30pKona, Niathi PGY-2 929-452-1678   
Yellow A Late Intern 26:30a-6:30pJiang, Agnes MSBI Psych 929-254-9432   
Yellow B Late Resident7:30a-6:30pSrikureja, Anya PGY-3 347-913-2122   
Green A Late Intern6:30a-6:30pAyasun, Ruveyda PGY-1 518-428-0824   
Green B Late Resident7:30a-6:30pMalley, Rita PGY-3 929-452-1787   
Blue A Late Intern6:30a-6:30pMajumdar, Rahul Anesth 540-454-8257   
Blue B Late Resident7:30a-6:30pWong, Aaron PGY-3 347-882-2998   
Indigo A Late Intern6:30a-6:30pUzay, Burak MSH Psych 6156025459  
Indigo B Late Resident7:30a-6:30pYellin, Shira PGY-3 917-581-3197   
Violet A Late Intern6:30a-6:30pSun, Brian Fam Med 917-770-4294   
Violet B Late Resident7:30a-6:30pZhao, Victoria PGY-3 347-899-7397  SCL 
Chief Team Late Intern6:30a-6:30pRouf, Rejowana PGY-1 332-215-3011   
Chief Team A&B Weekend Resident7:15a-6:30pTorres, Claudia PGY-2 929-452-1707   
Specialty Medicine: Silver Team
Silver A Late Intern6:30a-6:30pCalixte, Andre Neuro 347-758-0413   
Silver B Late Resident7:30a-6:30pSafian, Nicholas PGY-3 929-452-1773   
Specialty Medicine: Liver Team
Liver A Late Intern6:30a-6:30pSingh, Ravinderjit Neuro 929-452-1723  covering PS 
Liver B Late Resident7:30a-6:30pYang, Angela PGY-3 917-227-9593   
Specialty Medicine: Cardiology Team
Cardiology A Late Intern6:30a-6:30pKonkwo, Chigoziri PGY-1 929-452-1528   
Cardiology B Late Resident7:30a-6:30pGao, Michael PGY-2 646-898-7469   
Specialty Medicine: Oncology Team
Oncology A Late Intern6:30a-6:30pKim, Eric PGY-1 646-430-1114   
Oncology B Late Resident7:30a-6:30pSpyrou, Nikolaos PGY-2 347-899-6236   
General Medicine Night Medicine Coverage
Red Night Intern6:30p-7:30aBelovsky, Mia Anesth 845-608-2788   
Orange Night Intern6:30p-7:30aGranovetter, Madeleine MSH Psych 973-303-0670   
Yellow Night Intern6:30p-7:30aPayano, Keyla PGY-1 929-452-1574   
Green Night Intern6:30p-7:30aBeuses, Lucila PMR 332-215-9205   
Blue Night Intern6:30p-7:30aCoomer, Wade Anesth 856-577-6830   
Indigo Night Intern6:30p-7:30aComsti, Erica PGY-1 732-915-8208   
Violet Night Intern6:30p-7:30aWolfe, Jared Neuro 929-452-1488   
Chief Team Night Intern6:30p-7:30aAndrews, John PGY-1 929-452-1578  covering KH 
Cardiology, Oncology, Liver, Silver Medicine Night Coverage
Liver Night Intern6:30p-7:30aZhao, Matthew PGY-1 484-802-2337   
Silver Night Intern6:30p-7:30aBenson, Caroline PGY-1 332-895-0825   
Oncology Night Intern6:30p-7:30aFarag, Christian PGY-1 332-268-7228   
Cardiology Night Intern6:30p-7:30aWeng, John PGY-1 321-806-8081   
Senior Role
Day MCR7:30a-7:30pGans, Aaron PGY-3 646-285-8431   
Night MCR7:30p-7:30aKadakuntla, Anusri PGY-3 929-452-1584   
Night TR-A6:30p-7:30aJalil, Karim MedPeds 929-452-1672   
Night TR-B6:30p-7:30aStanton, Eric PGY-3 929-452-1015   
Day VA Senior7a-6:30pAguirre, Alejandro PGY-3 760-464-3994   
Night VA Senior6:30p-7aHarnett, Laura PGY-3 929-452-1393   
EHC A3B4 Night Senior7p-7:30aHu, Vivian PGY-3 347-882-0731   
Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU)
MICU Long-Call Resident7a-7pEvery, Hannah PGY-2 585-478-6069   
MICU Day-Call Resident7a-5pBeesley, Hassan PGY-2 347-882-2611   
MICU Night Resident7p-10:30aShin, Phil (Seokyu) PGY-2 929-452-1663   
MICU Long-Call Intern6:30a-7pBharil, Sarika Neuro 347-899-6241   
MICU Day-Call Intern6:30a-5pCohen, Samantha PMR 347-504-2326   
MICU Night Intern7p-10aNoel, Jacob PGY-1 347-899-6746   
Cardiac Care Unit (CCU)
CCU Long Call Resident7a-7pKayani, Jehanzeb PGY-2 332-215-2813   
CCU Day Call Resident7a-5pCharles, Kemeberly PGY-2 929-452-1583   
CCU Night Resident7p-10:30aOguntuyo, Sope PGY-2 917-227-9604   
CCU Long-Call Intern6:30a-7pKhilnani, Calla PGY-1 332-400-7251   
CCU Day-Call Intern6:30a-4:30pHerrera, Michael Anesth 786-351-7038   
CCU Night Intern7p-10aPitaro, Nicholas PGY-1 929-452-1613   
A4 B Late Resident7:30a-7pDaniel, David PGY-2 201-654-5391   
B4 B Late Resident7:30a-7pChen, Alyssa PGY-2 332-271-0589   
A3 D Late Intern7a-7pMehanna, Nezar PGY-1 929-452-1597   
B5 B Late Resident7:30a-7pLi, Lawrence PGY-3 929-452-1201   
B6 B Late Resident7:30a-7pItaliano, Tyler PGY-2 929-452-1783   
B6 D Late Intern7a-7pChang, Kelvin Neuro 929-452-1527   
James J. Peters VA: General medicine floors teams. *Phone numbers for hospital personnel only. Cell phone icons denote cell phones not pagers (last 4 digits of phones are NOT pagers)
BVA-A Late Intern7a-6:30pCarter, James PGY-1 646-531-6013   
BVA-B Late Resident7:30a-6:30pBogdan, Nicole PGY-2 929-452-1526   
BVA-C Late Intern7a-6:30pHarnett, Brian Neuro 347-504-4648   
BVA-D Late Resident7:30a-6:30pAguirre, Alejandro PGY-3 760-464-3994   
BVA-ABCD Night Intern7p-7aGirgis, Mina PMR 562-508-5113   
BVA-ICU Blue Long Call Resident7a-6:30pFish, Ari PGY-2 929-452-1605   
BVA-ICU Green Long Call Resident7a-6:30pAn, Serim PGY-2 929-452-1796   
BVA-ICU Night Resident6:30p-7aGilhooley, Sean PGY-2 646-906-5291   
BVA-ICU Night Intern7p-7aRedenti, Benjamin PGY-1 203-464-0575   
Sick Call
PGY-1 Primary Sick Call6a-6aHeath, Madison PGY-1 929-452-1320  covering PS 
PGY-1 Secondary Sick Call6a-6aAndrews, John PGY-1 929-452-1578   
PGY-1 Tertiary Sick Call6a-6aLiu, Kevin PGY-1 929-452-1765   
PGY-1 Quarternary Sick Call6a-6aOseroff, Benjamin Neuro 929-452-1664   
Jeopardy PGY2 A6a-6aBergenholtz, Seth PGY-2 929-452-1683   
Jeopardy PGY3 A6a-6aPlick, Natalie PGY-3 929-452-1439   
Resident Primary Sick Call6a-6aBaldwin, Elena PGY-2 929-452-1504   
Resident Secondary Sick Call6a-6aBatista, Elizabeth MedPeds 929-452-1577   
Chief Resident
Internal Medicine Chief on Call8a-8aBalac, Nina Chief 347-843-5321   

Contact if you have questions.   Schedule last updated Jul 20 18:08 2024.   2024 OnCloud  Jun 11 24

Teaching Service Escalation Paths


If there is a cell phone icon next to a number, this is a cell phone number. The last 4 digits are NOT a pager number. Please contact via text page on Amion or directly calling if needed.

Escalation Path for Inpatient AM (Weekdays 7am-3pm)
1 - PGY1/Front Line Provider
2 - PGY2/3
3 - Attending Provider/Hospitalist (listed in EPIC Treatment Team)
4 - Lead Hospitalist

Escalation Path for Inpatient PM (All Days 3pm-8pm and Weekends 7am-6:30pm)
1 - PGY1 or PGY2/3 listed for that hemi-team (A vs B)
2 - PGY2/3 for that color team
3 - Attending Provider/Hospitalist (listed in EPIC Treatment Team)
4 - Lead Hospitalist

Escalation Path for Inpatient Nights (Weekdays 8pm-7am, Weekends 6:30pm-7am)
1 - PGY1 or PGY2 for that color team
2 - Teaching Resident (TR)
3 - Medicine Consult Resident (MCR)
4 - Overnight Hospitalist/Nocturnist (listed under Hospitalists)

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