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Who's on   Sat, May 25, 2024     (as of 10:06pm )    

 Service     Name Training  Contact  
Anesthesia Weekend & Holidays (CLV Contact)7a-7a  Ranchez-Luege, XResident4430 
 Attending (Primary On-Call)7a-7a  Chi, FAttending2891 
 Respiratory Therapy Team Leader7a-7a  Therapist, NRespiratory Therapist2548 
 Emergent Cardiac Res Wknd & Hol7a-7a  Khalil, GChief Resident2853 
 Regional Anes Fellow Daily8a-8a  Bodapp, DFee Basis Attending1135 
 Regional Anes Attending Daily8a-8a  Rariano, JAttending4577 
 Cardiac Attending on Call8a-8a  Chi, FAttending2891 
Cardiac Surgery Day Ward | New Consults6a-6p  Fochstein, HResident7400 
 Night Ward Hospitalist6p-6a  Pocturist, LHospitalist8662 
 Night New Consults6p-6a  No General Surgery, LResident4077 
 Chief Resident Day6a-6p  Zhu, ZChief Resident9751 
 Chief Resident Night6p-6a  Zhu, ZChief Resident9751 
 Attending 112a-12a  Curton, FAttending0598 
 Perfusion8a-6p  Roskalik, RPerfusion Call2703 
Cardiology Cardiac Transplant8a-8a  Pallam, GAttending2891 
 GEN Cardio Consult Pager8a-8a  Dellow Pager, AFellow21782  
 Consult-Pacemaker p217828a-5p  Bouncelor-pacemaker, TFellow6882 
 Echo8a-5p  Cheng, FFellow6888 
 Weekend 18a-8a  Wasti, FFellow9488 
 Weekend 28a-8a  Fussain, RFellow5728 
 Weekend Attending (STEMI)8a-8a  Sharma, SAttending4253 
 Attending (Cath Lab)7a-5p  --, IFellow6218 
 STEMI Pager5p-7a  STEMI, KAttending14356  
 STEMI Extension (Cath Lab) 0700-1700 7a-5p  65421, KFellow7032 
 Day Time Interventional Cardio Fellow8a-5p  Hauzier, LFellow5652 
 After Hours Interventional Cardio Fellow5p-8a  Gawson, OFellow0542 
Chaplain Service After Hours Chaplain 12a-12a  DEMINGWAY, FPROTESTANT9145     
 After Hours Alternate12a-12a  RILLIAMS, PPROTESTANT0654     
Chief of Staff Oncall8a-6p  Weung , NMD0000      
 Back up Coverage8a-6p  Shah, UMD4051     
 After Hours6p-8a  Weung , NMD0000      
Dental Day Consult8:30a-4p  Korioka, DAttending0654 
 Night-Wknd Consult4p-8a  Korioka, DAttending0654 
 Night-Wknd Attending4p-8a  Fough, GAttending9096     
Dermatology Weekend 1 (RESIDENT) 8a-8a  Hurli, GResident9402 
 Weekend 2 (ATTENDING) 8a-8a  Vanikoglu, GAttending8932 
Endocrinology Weekend Fellow8a-8a  Sorena, OFellow0634     
 Attending8a-8a  Ku, MAttending0925 
ENT/Otolaryngology    Weekend On-Call Resident8a-8a  Giessling, LResident7532     
 Weekend On-Call Chief Resident8a-8a  Wei, KResident3926     
 Attending On-Call12a-12a  Rung, AAttending3141      
Gastroenterology Day Consult8a-6p  Vager, HFellows4577 
 Day Attending8a-6p  Cheung, SAttending0000 
 Night Fellow 6p-8a  Vager, HFellows4577 
 Night Attending 6p-8a  Cheung, SAttending0000 
 weekend fellow8a-6p  Vager, HFellows4577 
 VA GI Consultations Pager8a-8a  Vager, HFellows4577 
  In patient Consultation8a-6p  Cheung, SAttending0000 
General Medicine Medicine Admitting Pager8a-8a  Admitting Resident, KIntern0681 
 Admitting Teams7a-7p  E&B, JTeam2278 
 Admitting Resident Day 18a-7p  Fanisch, HIntern9286 
 Admitting Resident Day 48a-7p  Fasty, CIntern7491 
 Admitting Intern Day 18a-7p  Heri, EIntern5737 
 Admitting Intern Day 18a-7p  Fraga, KIntern7043 
 Admitting Intern Day 48a-7p  Dalachandra, CIntern0244 
 Admitting Intern Day 48a-7p  Choudhury, QSCV Intern5275 
 Night Team Resident 7p-8a  Porman, KIntern8698 
 Night Team Resident 2 7p-8a  Nguyen, NIntern3895 
 Night Team Intern7p-8a  Zhang, FIntern1758 
 Nocturnist Attending6p-7a  Socturnist, VAttending5962 
 Med Consult Attending6p-7a  Socturnist, VAttending5962 
 Med Consult Attending7a-6p  Chun, KAttending6170 
 Interservice Transfer Request7a-6p  Chun, KAttending6170 
 Podiatry Comanagement7a-6p  Hajafi, LAttending0283 
 Ortho NSG Comanagement7a-6p  Hajafi, LAttending0283 
 Direct Admits & Outside Transfer Calls7a-6p  Hajafi, LAttending0283 
 Direct Admits & Outside Transfer Calls6p-7a  Socturnist, VAttending5962 
 Flow Hospitalist8:30a-5p  Hajafi, LAttending0283 
 GMC CLV (MP wkend) 8a-8a  Adeyanju, HMOD2048      
General Surgery Day Ward 6a-6p  Manchez, PResident6138      
 Day New Consults6a-6p  Manchez, PResident6138      
 Night Ward6p-6a  Jocturnist, BHospitalist6295 
 Night New Consults6p-6a  Ravin, HResident4779     
 Chief Resident Day6a-6p  Ngongoni, SResident5376     
 Chief Resident Night6p-6a  Ngongoni, SResident5376     
 Attending6a-6a  Wren, TAttending0000 
Gynecology Weekend Attending-A8a-7p  Jugin, NAttending0000     
 Weekend Attending-P7p-8a  Jugin, NAttending0000     
Hand & Upper Day Floor6a-6p  Vilverstein, PResident7532 
 Night Consult6p-6a  Vilverstein, PResident7532 
 Night Ward6p-6a  Jocturnist, GNIGHT WARD2919 
 Attending 18a-8a  Chang, HAttending3141 
HBPC HBPC Program7:30a-6p  Ozbek, L
 Night 1 (CLV)5p-8a  Ozbek, LRNP0681      
 Wknd 2nd call8a-8a  Chow, QAttending2048      
Hematology Fellow8a-8a  Ellis-Caleo, NFellow7495      
 Attending8a-8a  Rittles, RAttending7090 
Infectious Disease Day Consult (CLV)8a-5p  Hunker, DFellow2842     
 Night1 (CLV)5p-8a  Schrum, FFellow8337     
 Weekend 18a-2p  Hunker, DFellow2842     
 Weekend 22p-8a  Schrum, FFellow8337     
 Attending8a-8a  Gohn, OAttending5976 
 Infection Prevention-Control Weekends 24hrs6a-6a  Rarkman, QInfection Control RN2466       
MOD-MPD,LVD,4C MOD Weekend 1 (CLV) 8a-8a  Adeyanju, HMOD2048      
 Attending Wknd (NO CLV)8a-8a  Chow, QAttending2048      
MSICU ICU Consult or Admit (24-7)7a-7a  Donsult-Admit Pager, JICU Consult-Admit6510 
 ICU Senior MD, NP (24-7)7a-7a  ICU Senior MD,SICU Senior MD,NP2088 
 ICU Fellow (Day)7a-5p  Jamire, JFellow8162 
 Day Triage7a-7p  Donsult-Admit Pager, JICU Consult-Admit6510 
 ICU Senior MD, NP* (Signout)7a-7p  Hapodanno, ONurse Practitioner4577 
 ICU NP (Day)7a-7p  Schatz, HNurse Practitioner3204 
 ICU NP (Day)7a-7p  Vagner, QNurse Practitioner4425 
 ICU Attending (Day)8a-5p  Nguyen, AAttending4876 
 ICU Attending (Night)3p-8a  Nguyen, AAttending4876 
 ICU Fellow (Night)5p-7a  Jamire, JFellow8162 
 ICU Senior MD, NP (Night)7p-7a  Vark, FResident1693 
 Intern (Night)7p-7a  Feiter, HIntern7487 
Nephrology Weekend 1 VA8a-5p  Lo, PFellow5887 
 weekend 2 SUH5p-8a  Kain, OFellow8233 
 Attending8a-8a  Kim, HAttending2679 
 Dialysis Nurse6p-6a  Engelbrektson, JRN8419 
Neurology Day Consult (CLV)8a-5p  SESIDENT, EResident2253     
 Night 1 (CLV)5p-8a  DALL, OResident5344 
 Attending8a-8a  Chao, MAttending9096     
Neurosurgery Day Consult-Ward8:30a-5p  Choi, FResidents9807 
 Night Consult5p-8:30a  Choi, FResidents9807 
 Outpaitent8a-5p  Outpatient RNP, LResidents4456 
 Attending (Day)8a-5p  Rilson, UAttending0654 
 Attending (Night)5p-8a  Rilson, UAttending0654 
 Nocturnist6p-6:30a  Rocturnist, INocturnist8120 
Nuclear Medicine Attending #2 Weekend-Holiday5p-8a  Tasanawal, KAttending3141 
Nutrition Service Dietitian8a-4:30p  Bung, DRD2548 
Oncology Day Consult (CLV)8a-5p  Chen, IFellow3537      
 Night 1 (CLV)5p-8a  Chen, IFellow3537      
 Attending8a-8a  Agloria,RAttending2548 
Ophthalmology Day Resident On-Call8a-5p  Pelez, AResident0532 
 Night\Weekend On-Call (Resident 1)5p-8a  Pelez, AResident0532 
 Night\Weekend Back-Up On-Call (Resident 2)5p-8a  Rang, TResident9150 
 Night\Weekend Attending On-Call5p-8a  Zheng, HAttending5464 
Orthopedic Surgery Day Ortho Consult 8a-6p  Jius,GResident5962     
 Day Ortho Triage 8a-6p  Jius,GResident5962     
 Day Ortho Attending8a-6p  Raleh, HAttending8071 
 Day Ortho Hospitalist8a-6p  Mospitalist, UHospitalist8966     
 Inpatient Day Case Manager 6a-2:30p  Skehan, DCase Manager6322 
 Night Ortho Consult6p-8a  Jius,GResident5962     
 Night Ortho Attending6p-8a  Raleh, HAttending8071 
 Night Ortho Nocturnist6p-6:30a  Pocturnist, FNocturnist2278 
Palliative Care Weekend 1st call8a-8a  Rossenheimer, NPalliative Care Fellow2048      
 Weekend Attending8a-8a  Brigoli, NAttending4010     
Path. & Lab Med. Surgical Pathology Attending8a-6p  Jouie, AAttending0681      
 Autopsy Attending8a-6p  Jouie, AAttending0681      
 Evening & Weekends6p-8a  Jouie, AAttending0681      
Plastic Surgery 
 Day Consult 16a-6p  Vilverstein, PResident9382 
 Night Consult6p-6a  Vilverstein, PResident9382 
 Night Ward6p-6a  Socturnist, PNight Ward9293 
 Attending 18a-8a  Chang, HDay Case Mgr3141 
PM&R Weekend8a-8a  Lui, CResident8233      
 Weekend Attending8a-8a  Lin, PAttending6244     
Podiatry Day Ward and Consult (1st call)8a-4p  Khosravi, RResident9145     
 Daytime Hospitalist (2nd call) 7a-4p  Mospitialist , UNocturnist21502  
 Chief Resident8a-4p  Rilverio, LResident0925 
 Night Ward6p-7a  Hocturnist, KNocturnist21502  
 Night New Admit (Consult 1)4p-8a  Khosravi, RResident9145     
 Night New Admit (Consult 2)4p-8a  Rilverio, LResident0925 
 Attending8a-4p  Vagothaman, NAttending2548 
 Attending4p-8a  Vagothaman, NAttending2548 
Psychiatry Page 12931 to reach the VA on-call service all days all hours.
 Weekend Attending8a-8a  Lin, AAttending5444 
 Weekend Back-up Superattending8a-8a  Freeman, NAttending7878     
Pulmonary Day Consult Fellow7a-5p  Jeard, BFellow7932 
 Attending 1 (Pulm)7a-5p  Nguyen, IAttending4947     
 Attending 2 (Sleep)7a-5p  Nguyen, IAttending4947     
 Sleep Svc Fellow7a-5p  Jeard, BFellow7932 
 Evening Fellow (Pulm, Sleep)5p-7a  Jeard, BFellow7932 
 Attending 1 & 2 (Pulm,Sleep)5p-7a  Nguyen, IAttending4947     
Radiology Scheduling CT Inquiries Ext 65528: Scheduling MRI Inquiries Ext. 65677: Scheduling Ultrasound Inquiries Ext. 63824
 IR Consult First Call -Weekend7a-7a  Reng, HRNP2149      
 IR Attending Weekend7a-7a  Pishore, XAttending8419 
 Study protocol consult5p-8a  On Call Resident, MResident9096 
 Image Interpretation consult5p-8a  NTP, ZAttending4310 
Rheumatology Day Consult CLV8a-5p  Cole, OFellow7416     
 Night 1(CLV)5p-8a  Cole, OFellow7416     
 Attending8a-5p  Nobinson, SAttending6295     
SCI Weekend 18a-8a  Paufman, RResidents7090 
 Attending8a-8a  Chuang, IAttending9096 
Social Work ER Weekend SW8a-4:30p  Jaulk, GSocial Worker0532 
Thoracic DAY CONSULT | WARD8a-6p  Jochstein, KDAY CONSULT4798 
 NIGHT WARD6p-6a  Locturnist, ACHIEF RESIDENT0681 
Urology Day Ward6a-6p  Derbert,EResident7032 
 Day New Consults6a-6p  Derbert,EResident7032 
 Night Ward6p-6a  Derbert,EResident7032 
 Night New Consult6p-6a  Derbert,EResident7032 
 Chief-Fellow Day6a-6p  Derbert,EResident7032 
 Chief-Fellow Night6p-6a  Derbert,EResident7032 
 Attending12p-6p  Feppert,DAttending9096 
Vascular Surgery Day Ward 6a-6p  Vanchez, YResident9442 
 Day New Consults 6a-6p  Vanchez, YResident9442 
 Night Ward6p-6a  Rocturnist, IHospitalist8120 
 Night New Consults6p-6a  Vo General Surgery, SResident7878 
 Chief-Fellow Day6a-6p  Vorondo, VResident2100     
 Chief-Fellow Night6p-6a  Vorondo, VResident2100     
 Attending6a-6p  Arya, OAttending7090 
 Attending6p-6a  Arya, OAttending7090 
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