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Amion on a Mac - Old Install Instructions (WINE)

In October 2019 Apple released the newest version of macOS, called Catalina (10.15). Catalina removes support for 32-bit apps, and WINE (which we previously recommended for Mac users installing OnCall) is only available as a 32-bit app. Due to this policy change by Apple, we are no longer able to offer a WINE bundle for Mac users wishing to install OnCall. This page is available for historical purposes, or for Mac users on older OS version wishing to install using the old method. This process, and the downloads offered on this page, are no longer supported.

For the current Mac install process, see this Page.

The following is out of date unless you have not updated to macOS Catalina.

OnCall (Amion's desktop scheduler) is developed as a Windows app. Amion offers a special installer to make it easy for Mac users to run OnCall with Wine.

Wine is a free and open-source compatibility layer that allows Windows-based applications like OnCall to run directly on your Mac. OnCall requires Wine to run on your Mac, and it must be installed first, before installing OnCall.

This process should work on any macOS version up to macOS Mojave (10.14, released September 2018). Always check this page and our news page before installing a new macOS version to ensure compatibility.

Step 1: Install XQuartz

XQuartz is a background service required by Wine. You can download it here:

Click here to go to the XQuartz download page.

Download and run the installer.

Step 2: Install Wine

Click here to go to the Wine download page

On the Wine download page, click to download the Installer for "Wine Stable".

Download and run the installer.

We suggest enabling 64-bit support during install.

Step 3: Install OnCall

Click here to download the OnCall Installer for Mac

Once it finishes downloading, run the installer. When it completes you will have a new OnCall Launcher icon on your Dock.

First run

You can open OnCall by clicking the OnCall Launcher icon on your Dock. OnCall Launcher opens both Wine and OnCall. (You'll see more than one icon in your Dock while OnCall is running.)

The first time you open OnCall, Wine will perform some setup steps. (Subsequent launches will go much faster.)

  • You may see a message indicating that "Wine is not optimized for your Mac". This is normal and you can hit OK to proceed. Amion and the Wine project are both working to support 64-bit in the future.
  • During setup, Wine may suggest installing "Wine Mono" and "Wine Gecko". These are optional and not required for OnCall. You can click Cancel to choose not to install them if you wish.

You don't need to run this installer again to update OnCall. To update, just click Help > Update OnCall from the OnCall menu bar.

Open your existing schedule

Once OnCall launches you'll see a Welcome screen.

If you are opening a schedule that already exists on Amion, click Open an Existing Schedule. Enter your admin password in the box at the bottom, then click the Open from Amion button with the blue arrow in the lower right hand corner.

If you're starting a schedule that hasn’t been on Amion before, click Create A New Schedule to get started.

If you have any difficulty installing OnCall on a Mac, contact Raygan Kelly at raygan@amion.com or (888) 898–0779 ext. 6.


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