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Amion Login Options

Enterprise Level Options

  • Require SSL/HTTPS when accessing the schedule page
  • Require both site & group passwords to access schedules
  • Require both site and personal passwords to access schedules
  • Disable the ability to send Amion secure messages from schedule page (site-wide)
  • Enable or disable message logging Amion logs pages and messages sent via the schedule page to enable staff with Switchboard access to see a log of recent pages. You may disable this.
  • Show or hide contact info Show hidden contact info only to staff with Switchboard access
  • Set up a passwordless link directly to Enterprise "Who's on" list from intranet page
  • Single Sign On (SSO) Active Directory validation via a SAML server (extra)

Schedule Level Options

Schedule-level options can be set by the administrator of a single group or departmental Amion schedule. Many schedule viewing features may be disabled, including hiding contact info, disabling messaging, hiding shift times, and numerous other small customizations.

  • Hide vacations/off schedule services from staff
  • Limit staff to viewing "Who's On" lists unless users have a secondary or a personal password
  • Require a personal password to login & have Amion reject the login if past the individual's quit date
  • Disable the ability to send Amion secure messages from the schedule page
  • Allow messaging but hide contact info, showing only a generic pager or message icon
  • Require a personal password to send messages
  • Set up a passwordless link directly to the schedule from an intranet page. Some groups restrict access by linking directly to their Amion schedule page from a hospital intranet site, and not sharing a login with staff so that it can only be reached from that link.


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