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No-reply return email

When staff trade shifts at Amion, or when the Amion server sends a link to submit schedule requests, the email messages are set up to look like they come from the person submitting the trade or the person in charge of the schedules.

Many hospital mail servers block messages that look like they come from someone in-house, but which originate outside the institution, in this case from Amion. If staff aren't receiving emails from Amion, turn on the option to use a 'no-reply' return address for email sent from the server.

In OnCall, go to File / Preferences / Amion Options and turn on the option to use 'no-reply' return for email the server sends to staff. Republish your schedule.

If messages are still being blocked, double check email addresses in OnCall for accuracy. Staff should also check the spam/filter settings on whatever software they use for managing mail; along with their 'junk' folder to see if messages from Amion are ending up there.


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