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Daily Backups

Amion stores a backup each day you publish a schedule. The online backups provide an easy, reliable way to access earlier versions of your schedule.

To access the backups from within OnCall, go to File / Open from backup folder. Make sure you have the correct admin password at the bottom and click Open from amion. Select a date in the right-most column to retrieve a backup. When you find the copy you want, publish to Amion to make the backup your active schedule.

Alternatively, you can login at with your admin password and click the backup icon to see the list of recent backups. Select a date in the right column to retrieve a previous schedule and save it to your computer. Give the file a meaningful name, such as Peds_2010.sch. Be sure to end the name with ".sch". You can then open the file with OnCall.

Amion keeps backups for the last 28 days.

Read more information about Backup files.


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