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Top Ten Amion features you might not be using!

#1 - Use Online Editing to make simple assignment changes from anywhere - even your phone! Perfect for backup schedulers or anyone who needs to make occasional on-the-fly edits. Log into with your admin password, click the pencil icon at top right, and then tap the assignment you'd like to edit.

#2 - The Tallies Tweaker lets you click and drag assignment totals from one provider to another on the tally table in OnCall. The Autoscheduler chooses the best shift to take from the first person and give to the second. Balancing totals couldn't be easier!

#3 - Send secure Messages in the Amion mobile app. Secure texting is free with your Amion schedule.

#4 - Wish you could see all your attendings' requests in one place to spot how many have asked for the same day off? Right click the Work Preferences icon (third from the top left) and choose the table view to get vacation, CME and other off requests in a concise table layout.

#5 - The Autoscheduler can make assignments for you while following all the rules, patterns, and availability you and your staff have entered. Drop us a line and we'll show you some examples.

#6 - Do you have any kind of repeating assignments on your schedule? Set automatic Patterns that assignments follow, or Templates where all (or part) of your schedule starts over after a period of time.

#7 - Let your staff submit time-off requests online and Amion will collate them for you. It'll be easy to see who's available as you make assignments manually, or, you can let the Autoscheduler take these requests into account as it lays out a draft schedule for you.

#8 - Let your staff swap shifts at Amion.

#9 - Dealing with a schedule grid that's hard to look at? Try clicking Window/Font and adjusting your font size. Click and drag the guide bars at the top left to make your rows and columns easy to work with. Make your big schedule grid more manageable by chopping it up into subsets.

#10 - Join us for one of our weekly online training classes. It's a great way to see a schedule get created from the ground up, and to learn about even more helpful features you might not be aware of. We'd love to hear from you!


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